3 of The Best Automatic Livestock Waterers for Cattle

May 22, 2024 | Planning 3 of The Best Automatic Livestock Waterers for Cattle

Automatic livestock waterers play a vital role in the health and productivity of cattle. Keeping livestock hydrated all year round is a top priority for any farmer. But which livestock waterer is the best? While there isn’t an exact answer, here are our picks for Tusker's top 3 automatic waterers. 

Electric Waterer (Double or Single):

Cow water tank-Tusker-Livestock-VS20E

Ideal for all types of livestock, including beef/dairy cattle, horses, sheep, and goats, the Electric Waterer stands out for its reliability and performance in all weather conditions. With solid polyurethane foam insulation and a submersible water heater, this waterer keeps water ice-free longer in winter and cooler in summer, ensuring your cattle have access to fresh water year-round. The two-bowl design accommodates a larger livestock headcount, making it perfect for larger herds. Plus, its large drain plug allows for fast and easy draining.

Tusker Trough (7', 10', or 12')

Large cattle trough-Orange

The Tusker Trough is designed to meet the demands of beef and dairy cows in pastures, dairies, or feedlots. The Trough can accommodate up to 500 cattle, making a farm of any size fit for the Trough. Available in three sizes (7', 10', or 12'), this extra-large waterer boasts a rounded, smooth basin with a tapered bottom, preventing the collection of dirt and manure in corners for easy cleaning. Like our Electric Waterer, the Tusker Trough features solid polyurethane foam insulation and a large drain plug for quick and effortless draining. In fact, the largest 12’ model water tanks for cattle drains in simply 40 seconds. Additionally, it offers optional submersible water heaters for colder climates, ensuring access to water even in freezing temperatures.

Energy-Free Waterer (Single, Double, or Quad)

Tusker Livestock and Cattle Water Tank Energy Free

For those seeking a cost-effective solution, the Energy-Free Waterer is the perfect choice. Available in single, double, or quad configurations, this waterer is designed for beef cattle and can accommodate up to 100 cattle. Featuring the same solid polyurethane foam insulation and large drain plug as our other models, the Energy-Free Waterer also boasts our double-seal system. This system includes an aqua seal and foam gaskets to ensure an airtight seal between the lid and the base, preventing freezing in winter and mosquito breeding in summer. The patented door closure system prevents freezing and minimizes bird contamination, ensuring clean and safe water for your cattle year-round. Additionally, the waterer requires no tools for maintenance, so you can easily fix and repair. 

At Tusker, we are committed to providing top-quality automatic livestock waterers that meet the needs of a modern livestock farm. Whether you choose our Electric Waterer, Tusker Trough, or Energy-Free Waterer, you can trust that you're investing in a reliable, efficient, and low-maintenance solution for keeping your cattle hydrated and healthy.

If you’re still unsure which waterer is best for you, try our product selection tool. 

Written By: G. Hardesty

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