Celebrating Over Fifty Years

From concrete livestock waterers to rotationally molded plastic livestock waters, Tusker has come a long way since 1972. Through the years, we've continued to innovate with the ease of use for farmers, ranchers, and livestock owners in mind.

From Concrete to Plastic

Tusker began in 1972 as a concrete business under the name SPI in the small town of Shallow Lake, just off Lake Huron. In those days, we made septic systems and livestock waterers from concrete – what a unique combination, right?

In 1989, we purchased our first rotational molding machine which allowed us to expand our livestock waterer line. It was then that we made our first non-electric one-hole, two-hole, and four-hole livestock waterers.

Honing Our Craft

We honed our craft and in 1994, introduced an improved line of non-electric (or energy-free) livestock waterers and an electric line that included electric heating pads to keep water ice-free in colder climates.

The years between 1997 and 1989 saw the installation of additional rotational molding equipment, allowing us to increase our production capacity. In 1999 we introduced our revolutionary tip tank, followed by our low-profile electric waterer designed for smaller animals.

Continuing to Innovate

Our revolutionary tip tanks from 1999 were redesigned in 2008 to offer a better, easier-to-use option. The Tusker Trough was also introduced at that time to cater to the additional needs of the farmers and ranchers using our product.

Our current offering took shape in the early 2000s with the Value Series, which has been renamed more descriptively as Electric and Low-Profile Electric livestock waterers. While the original name wasn’t a hit, the new line of electric waterers certainly was! We also introduced energy-free tanks, including single, double, and quad versions to meet the diverse size requirements our customers demand.

Shipped Across the Globe

Over the many years we’ve been servicing customers, we’ve shipped product throughout North America, Europe, China, and South America, to farmers and ranchers who trust our tanks to keep their livestock hydrated.

Same Great Product, New Name

We rebranded to Tusker in 2023 to give our product line a name that better represents us – deeply rooted, made of the strongest materials, and able to stand up to daily wear and tear.

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