Frequently Asked Questions



How much water do the waterers hold?

Tusker offers livestock water tanks that hold as little as 3 gallons and as much as 70 gallons of water.

Our livestock waterers are built from double wall rotationally molded polyethylene, creating a design that’s strong and corrosion free. Our one-piece designs are completely sealed, protecting the foam insulation from moisture. What’s more, our polyethylene has UV inhibitors for lasting color and to extend the life of the product. 

Tusker is proud to offer the industry’s best warranty. We offer a 10-year limited warranty on our livestock water tanks and a 2-year warranty on component parts, such as the internal floats, valves, and heaters.

Our foam insulation and the seal of the closure flap will keep our Energy Free (NG) units from freezing in all but the coldest of climates. For areas that experience harsh winters, our Electric Waterers that use a submersible heating system should be used.

All our waterers feature foam insulation except for our Tusker Tipper.

All our waterers, except for the Tusker Tipper, feature large drain plug(s) for fast, easy draining. To remove water from Tusker Tipper, simply use the waterer's tipping function to remove the water.

The tank floats found within our waterers are not pre-set. Once you’ve installed your waterer, adjust the float to achieve the desired water level. Water lines over 55 psi will require a pressure reducer.

Our livestock waterers come standard in our signature orange. However, you may special order waterers in a different color by the truckload. A limited color palette is available, including blue, dark green, tan, and more. Special orders will require additional production times. 



How are the waterers installed?

Our livestock waterers should be installed on a concrete pad that has a water source from an underground water line. For more information, view our installation guides.

Our livestock waterers are bolted, or lag screwed, onto concrete pads, keeping your waterer safely in place. Additionally, our Tusker Tipper and Low Profile Stall Electric tanks can be mounted to a wall. 

During installation, you will connect our livestock waterers to an underground water line. Our connection point is underneath each water tank to ensure the safety of the livestock.

Electricity is optional for most of our livestock waterers. To utilize the submersible heating systems within our Electric (VS), Low Profile Stall (EE), and Troughs (XL), electricity is required.

No. An extension cord should never be used for the safety of the ranchers, farmers, and livestock. A licensed electrician should provide an electrical connection to utilize the heating systems within our waterers.

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