Low Profile Livestock Waterers

Low profile livestock waterers are specially designed water troughs that sit closer to the ground, making it easier for animals such as goats, sheep, and smaller livestock to access water.

Tusker Livestock Water Tanks Sheep-Web

TUSKER TOUGH CONSTRUCTION Our low profile livestock waterers are built tough

Keeping your livestock healthy is important. That’s why we make livestock waterers that are durable and stand up to daily use on the farm. What’s more, our waterers are designed with rounded corners to keep your livestock safe.

Our Features, Your Benefits

  • Corrosion-Free, Polyethylene Construction
  • Designed with UV Inhibitors
  • Meet Grade A Dairy Requirements
  • FDA and HPB Approved Food Grade Plastic

Need a little help picking the right product?

We’ve got you. Our product selection tool will guide you through important questions and suggest the right livestock waterer for you.